8 Simple Tips To Control Your Nerves Before Your Next Speech

What are your first thoughts when you are getting ready to give a speech?

Do you start to shake inside? Feel those “butterflies” (or are they vultures) in your stomach?

It is well recorded that public speaking is the #1 Fear of all of us. More than dying! (This does not mean that this is what we fear the most. It only means that not as many people fear death.)

Public Speaking Is The #1 Fear Of All Of Us. More Than Dying!

Too bad.

If you are nervous before your speech – GOOD. GREAT.  You should be nervous.

Why? It shows that you care. You care about your audience. You care that you are going to help them as they hear your message and information.

You do care about your audience. Right? Good.

That is right. I encourage you to be nervous before your speech.

What I want to help you to do is to control that nervousness. Turn it into energy and excitement that will help you to achieve your reason for speaking (to make your audience better off after they leave than before they arrived).

Turn Your Nervousness Into Energy And Excitement!

I have given hundreds of presentations, to crowds as small as 5, and to as large as 400.

Over time, I have found seven simple but proven ways to control my nervousness. I want to share those with you today. When you put them into practice, it will change your whole perspective, and your relationship with your audience.


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