A Rising Trademark Attorney Outlines Her Path To Grow Her Business, Find Success

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A Rising Trademark Attorney Outlines Her Path To Grow Her Business, Find Success

A Rising Trademark Attorney Outlines Her Path To Grow Her Business, Find Success

Still struggling with growing your business?

My guest on this podcast, Nicole Shaefer, was just like you. But she has learned how to make a mark for herself, how to protect her brand, her business and her property, and to find success.

She shares some of her secrets on this podcast of MAKE MORE MONEY BY GIVING BETTER PRESENTATIONS.

Nicole offers a unique perspective, powerful suggestions and different opportunities for you to grow your business or advance your career.

She earned her law license in 2015, and started her own practice in 2017. Over time, she recognized the need to stand apart from her peers (her competition). She found her own niche – Trademarks.

Finding her unique identity was only the start. She still had to let others know. She had to find clients. She had to grow her business.

Nicole also recognizes that YOU can cost yourself if you do not protect your business name, your brand, and even your products and services. That is why she focused on Trademarks. She shares valuable insight in this interview.

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Some of the important advice that Nicole shares in this podcast includes:

How can you ADD VALUE?

  • Find a “niche” (a unique approach, position, role) to set yourself apart from your competition
  • Having a unique brand requires reaching out to, and educating your potential clients/customers
  • Little things make a big difference (as, “Thank you” notes; invite guest blogs; invite as podcast guests; meet for coffee)
  • Look like an expert: write articles; blog; create podcasts; write an e-book or report
  • New businesses should be creative, reach out to people and organizations


  • #1 requirement – be confident, show confidence (audience picks that up)
  • Get over “imposter” syndrome (feeling inadequate to peers); Focus on your strengths
  • NO IMPROV – Be prepared: know as much as you can about your topic (be prepared for questions)

How can you MAKE MORE MONEY?

  • Start by talking for free, educating audiences; get clients from talks
  • Work for opportunities; do not expect them to come to you
  • Reach out to established peers (for coffee); ask them how they succeeded; ask for referrals
  • Learn (take classes?) to network effectively, how to request referrals
  • As success grows, create “DIY” Kits for sale; create membership groups (programs)
  • Protect your business, your brand, your products/services with trademarks (trademark everything that you have public)
  • Keep going even if you think you are annoying people

Nicole has a special offer for you as a subscriber to my podcast.  When you email her at yellowdoglegal@gmail.com, she will send you her free EBOOK, “DIY Trademarks And The Coronavirus”. You want to be prepared.

I want to help you to give better presentations. I want to help you make more money by giving better presentations.


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