(And One Lesson They Mistakenly Get Right)

It is another example of “lost in translation.” Toastmasters International provides exceptional communications training programs for its members. However, as the information trickles down to the clubs, the officers do not understand the lessons. They misdirect their members. Someone should “set the record straight.”

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Don’t get me wrong. I love Toastmasters. As a member for 20 years, who has earned THREE (3) Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Awards, I recommend it highly. But along the way, I realized that what club officers were teaching was not the same as what Toastmasters International was saying. With a little research, I found that the clubs were not communicating the principles that the T.I. materials were stating.

I counted FIVE (!!!!!) different lessons that Toastmasters International explains one way, but clubs explain the wrong way.

What it means is that members are focusing on the wrong skills to improve their communication and leadership. They (we) struggle with following misguided “rules” that confuse us, until we become comfortable enough to understand the bigger picture, and really become “competent”, then “advanced” communicators.

What It Means Is That Members Are Focusing On The Wrong Skills!

I also counted one lesson that clubs get right, but for apparently the wrong reasons. What the clubs say to do is right, but the reasons and explanations direct members away from their best goals.

Because I love Toastmasters, I want all members to get the most out of their time and commitment as members. That is why I want to “set the record straight.”

In my report, I have summarized the five lessons that clubs get wrong, and the one that they mistakenly get right. I will explain the club’s reasonings for their opinions on the lessons. Then I will share the true explanations on how to understand the principles and put the lessons into practice. By the end of this report, you will learn:

  • Why you could be wasting your time in Toastmasters
  • Professional Speakers’ “BACKSTAGE SECRET” that they don’t think to share
  • The real reason that the audience is there and listening to you.
  • The four rules for creating compelling communications to connect with your audience
  • How you can advance your career or grow your business through Toastmasters
  • Six ACTION STEPS to make the most of your membership in Toastmasters

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When you finish, you will realize why I mean when I say, “Toastmasters Is Not A Destination”.