Your Success Is Defined By Your Emotional Intelligence (HINT: Know Your Audience)

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Your Success Is Defined By Your Emotional Intelligence (HINT: Know Your Audience)

If you truly want to be a success, you must improve your “emotional intelligence”.

According to my guest on this podcast of “MAKE MORE MONEY BY GIVING BETTER PRESENTATIONS”, your emotional intelligence will account for 70% of your success.

NOW do you want to know more? Listen to the podcast.

Jan Lipsky is an executive coach with her firm, Jan Lipsky Coaching. Jan excels in developing exceptional leadership teams, identifying and developing talent for promotional opportunities. Jan has earned her certification credentials in emotional intelligence.

Jan explains that the first step to success is to Know Your Audience.  That means understanding what the person (or group) is thinking and feeling, and how each is responding. Success is achieved when you effectively respond or adapt to your audience’s needs.

Jan is a strong proponent, and a certified coach for emotional intelligence. She recognizes that you may know your content, and be able to explain all the facts; but, to be influential, you must know why your audience – or that person – has that perspective or response.

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Some of the important advice that Jan shared in this podcast includes:

How can you ADD VALUE?

  • Self-awareness: be aware of your emotions and learn to manage them effectively
  • Recognize the emotions of your audience; identify the triggers that cause their responses
  • Before reacting, keep in mind your answer to, “How Do I Want To Be Remembered?”


  • Know Your Audience: Research, prepare; learn how to relate to people
  • Know what they will walk away with (Know Your Message)
  • Watch the audience as you present; pay attention to their body language
  • Engage your audience; make eye contact to one person at a time (“Have A Conversation”)
  • Tweak each presentation for the specific audience

How can you MAKE MORE MONEY?

  • Be willing to speak for free to hone skills
  • Get names and contact information; ask for referrals
  • Set a “quota” for free speeches in a period; re-schedule or offer packages
  • Work with a coach

It is not how much you know, or how well you know your craft; it is how well you can relate to others that is most important to your success. That is the gift of emotional intelligence.

Do you want to know more? Follow Jan on LinkedIn. Contact her, or email her at She will send to you a worksheet and article on identifying emotional intelligence triggers.

I want to help you to give better presentations. I want to help you make more money by giving better presentations.


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