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Do you know what “The Boss” is looking for in an interview? How can you prove that you have the skills needed? You don’t need a big book to give you the secrets. This book gives you practical information and ideas – and a tip that will set you apart. You will get that job.

By Carol on June 7, 2015:
I recommend this book not just for job seekers, but also for anyone who wants to take control of the image they project
By Picky Consumer on June 26, 2015:
Great guide to preparing for the interview and getting the job!
By Liz Peak on June 10, 2015
Great tips that I hadn’t thought of before! It is a quick easy read with valuable information! I will recommend to my kids and friends.

Do others listen to you when you speak? Do you motivate them to agree with you? Or, do you feel like people are being polite, but not really paying attention? You can learn to SPEAK with confidence, CONNECT with any audience, INSPIRE your colleagues and customers, and LEAD yourself and your organization to overachieve. This book gives you ten important, basic tips that you need to begin.