It is time for you to GET PAID FOR YOUR MISTAKES.

It is time for you to be paid to help others avoid the mistakes that you made.

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We start by letting others hear your story, in your eBook. You can earn money by selling it, as well as build your standing as an authority figure.

Here’s what I will do with you:

  • Begin with a short conversation to help you to decide on what topic you want to make as your own.

  • Create and email you a list of questions as an outline for your story.

  • Have a longer online conversation (on a webinar or other service) that will be recorded. (Usually around 10 to 15 minutes.)

  • Transcribe and edit your words into your own story; highlight your message.

  • Find charts and images to complement your story. I may find and recommend additional content to add to your message.

  • Create YOUR powerful 15 to 40 page e-book (after your edits)

  • Create an appealing title.

  • Design an attractive cover, with your name as author.

  • Publish the book in PDF format for your exclusive use.

  • Help you to decide on a price for your ebook.

  • Add our video conversation to my new “Get Paid For Your Mistakes” YouTube Channel, with a unique link for people to contact you for more advice.

The regular price for this package is $197.  But, using the special code. the cost to you is only $147.

BONUS (If you use the code)

As a bonus to you (if you purchase early), I also will:

  • Create a letter for you to send to organizations offering to speak to them about your topic.

  • Send you a list of organizations in your area who may want to hear you speak.

  • Promote your ebook on my “Get Paid For Your Mistakes” web site.