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Someone near you needs your help.  A neighbor, friend, or a person you have not met yet, is going through the same struggles that you have experienced. They will make the same mistakes that you made – unless you help them.

They are asking, “Does anyone know how….?

Yes – YOU KNOW!!!

You can make a difference AND be paid for it.

You can be paid to help others avoid the mistakes that you made.



 Think about your most important success.  Remember your most difficult struggle, when you almost failed, but finally overcame.

 Now tell yourself, “If I only knew then what I know now.”

 Have you lost a lot of weight?  Started a business?  Won a competition?  You didn’t just do it effortlessly. You struggled. You made mistakes.  It cost you time and money.

 The next person who wants to lose weight, start a business or win the competition will make the same mistakes you made because they don’t know what you know. – UNLESS YOU HELP THEM.

 Yes. You are an expert to anyone you can help.


 I understand. You are afraid that it will take up too much time and not earn you enough money at the start.

 You do not have to give up your job. You can still spend time with your family and friends. You can meet your other obligations and commitments and still start helping others.

 You can start as fast or slow as you want.  I will show you how.


 Not sure what you could talk about that people would want to hear?

 There are people who are MILLIONAIRES because they sold plans online to build a Potato Gun, or tie scarves.  You definitely have more important messages.

 There also are people who are suffering from loss, or struggling to overcome, or who just want to do something better.

 Let me help you get started. Working together, I will help you to decide on your worthiest “area of expertise.”

 Remember. You don’t have to help everybody.  You just want to help one person at a time.



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You probably think that you don’t know enough about any topic. There are many people who know more than you.

That’s Not True. As far as the people you can help feel, YOU ARE AN EXPERT.  They understand that there is a big difference between you and those other “experts.” You have done it, and they can talk with you.

 You are there for them. They can find you. You are ready to help them.  They don’t have to go searching any more. They don’t have to continue to fluster, and fall and make mistakes. You are a valuable authority to them. You know how to help them AND you are there to help them.



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You can start small if you want. It would not take a lot of time or money if that is your preference.

Do you prefer to start slow?  You do not have to make that much of a commitment yet.  The first step is to get your story out. We want others to know what you have done so that they can be inspired, and then they can reach out to you for help. I can create your story, using your own words. I will also let others know about what you have accomplished. I can even help you to identify groups that will want to hear from you so that you can maintain contacts.

For not much more effort, why not publish an ebook report, featuring your story? I will find some licensed content, and add your story as a “true life account” of how to overcome and succeed. You can sell the report to make money, or give it away if you want!


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 Want to start really big? How big do you want to go?  Do you want to create, publish and sell your own “how to” system in a book?  Are you ready to travel the “speaker circuit” doing keynote addresses for money?  Is it time to start your own online business?

Become a PUBLISHED AUTHOR! Let’s get started. I will work with you to develop your own strong, practical step-by-step process that you can teach to others (for profit).  We will bundle that process into a book to sell as part of your package, and online.

Are you ready to go out and get on “the speaker circuit”?  I can work with you to develop your keynote address speech, workshop and other presentations. I will help you to improve your presentation skills so that you can speak with confidence and inspire your audience. I will guide you on where and when to build your speaking business, and find other resources to start an online business. I will help you to achieve your biggest goals.



Of course, if you want to help others, you need to “know your audience.”  Who are they? What is their problem?  Why are they struggling?   Are they old or young? Men or women?  Did they go to college? Do they have a job?

HERE IS A SECRET that will make it easier for you when you think about who your audience is and how you can help them.

Your audience is “you”.  Your audience is people just like you. They have found themselves in a difficult situation. Now they are struggling to find the right way out. Just like you did.

Your audience will be making the same mistakes, spending the money they don’t have, and taking too much time doing the wrong things. Just like you did.



Let me make my message clear. You can make a difference to someone else, and you can make money doing it. You do not have to be an expert. You do not have to be perfect.  You do not have to give up your “day job.” You just have to be willing to help someone.

I have shown you twelve different ways for you to grow your income. It may not happen overnight, but it can be done. You can be paid to help others avoid the mistakes that you made.

Is it time for you to “Be Paid For Your Mistakes”?


The first step is for you to tell your story. It needs to be compelling and encouraging. There will be a good message for others.

I will help you. I can do most of the work for you, if you prefer. We simply will talk. I will ask questions. I will record our conversation. Then I will draft a short story. You will review and have final say.

Later, we can use your story in several ways to help you be paid for your mistakes. We can use short tidbits on social media. We can blog. You could be a PUBLISHED EXPERT, with your story printed as the featured installment of a book about your topic. Or, your story can be the introduction for your own book.



I will record your short story and transcribe it. I will then do the initial marketing for you. From the online feedback, we will develop a plan for you.  I also will find local groups that want to hear your advice.

I may include your story in a book or ebook with similar stories and messages. I will give you access to the book so that you can sell it and make a profit. It couldn’t be easier.

After your story is published, you simply contact some of the groups I have identified, and ask to speak to them about your topic.  You bring some copies of the book. You tell your story. Then you sell the book to people in the audience.


Would you like your own book? I will help you write and publish your own book, and outline your own program to teach and coach others.  I will work with you throughout the process. If you want, I can handle almost everything (except your content – the information you know best).

I can have the book transcribed, edited and formatted. I can create the cover, and “required” pages (copyright page, book dedication, book summary. I can even publish the book and list it on Amazon in Print and Kindle editions for you. All you have to do is help me edit the book, and collect the profits.


Are you worried about the costs and the time commitment?

Never hesitate to help someone else.

You can do it alone. Or, I can help you.  If you do it alone, you will make mistakes. It will cost you time, money and patience.

Yes. There will be a cost to you at first.  But my goal is to help you BE PAID FOR YOUR MISTAKES.

I will help you to create your e-book or paperback book to sell. I will start you on your way to finding the people who need you. They will pay you for helping them.

Working with me, you can start to earn your second income, or maybe build your new career.