To Make More Money, Focus, Use Stories and Analogies, Share Mistakes

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To Make More Money, Focus, Use Stories and Analogies, Share Mistakes

To Make More Money, Focus, Use Stories and Analogies, Share Mistakes

Do you still want to Make More Money?

My guest on Make More Money By Giving Better Presentations, Paul Moore, has built his own fortune and is helping others build theirs.

In the podcast, Paul shares some of the secrets to his success.

Paul co-hosts two wealth-building podcasts, The Art of Investing and How to Lose Money. He also is a contributor to Fox Business and BiggerPockets, and author of several popular books on real estate investing.

Paul could only be successful if he could reach new audiences, convince them to believe in him, and motivate them to follow his recommendations. Make More Money By Giving Better Presentations.

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Some of the important advice that Paul shares in this podcast includes:

How can you ADD VALUE?

  • Know what you want to do; stay hyper-focused on that area
  • Be a local subject matter expert; write blogs, compile into a “definitive guide” book
  • You cannot chase your audience; find where they are and let them come to you
  • Identify specific criteria to know your audience
  • Teach others to learn from your mistakes, the mistakes of others


  • Audience often does not know what it wants; you must educate then on what they need
  • Don’t just share successes; share your problems, pains, losses
  • Be vulnerable: Telling the truth (including your mistakes) gives hope to your audience
  • Focus on stories with messages; use analogies
  • Use analogies that are relatable to, familiar with the audience
  • TACTIC: read aloud the speeches of great speeches to teach your brain to think like them

How can you MAKE MORE MONEY?

  • Don’t keep chasing “shiny objects” (don’t keep starting new business ventures)
  • Become an expert, someone that everyone goes to
  • Use stories, analogies to announce your lead-generating webinars
  • In your Webinars: focus on telling stories; make numbers available to the side
  • For a Lead generator, create a “5-Day Free Course” on your topic
  • Have a resource library of ebooks for prospects; encourage them to reach out for more

Do you want to learn more about making money? Are you interested in investing in real estate? Paul has a Free 5-Day Investment Ecourse for you, as a subscriber to my podcast. You also will find special report on mobile home park investing, another special report on self-storage investing, and an effective corporate Airbnb rental strategy. You will find this TREASURE of information at Paul’s website,

I want to help you to give better presentations. I want to help you make more money by giving better presentations.


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