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Are you getting frustrated as you prepare your next presentation? Are you missing the right words? Not sure if you are going in the right direction? Or, just not sure how to start (or CLOSE) your presentation?

Let’s face it. You are not getting the RESULTS you need. Your audience is not responding to you. You are not achieving the success you deserve.

Sometimes you just need some advice – a new perspective from someone independent. An expert.

That’s me. As owner of ToastMentor, my communications coaching business, for over seven years, AND as a Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with the John Maxwell Program, AND, as a three-time recipient of Toastmaster’s International’s “DISTINGUISHED TOASTMASTER” (DTM) award, I can help you.

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For this offer, I cannot write your speech or evaluate your presentation. But I can give you some helpful suggestions, or some different ideas that can re-start your own creative flow.


Fred Haley