A Business Owner Says: To Make More Money, ADD VALUE With Public Speaking

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A Business Owner Says: To Make More Money, ADD VALUE With Public Speaking

Larry Arceneaux  is a successful business owner and philanthropist wants to share his secrets on how to Make More Money!

His first secrets: ADD VALUE with Public Speaking.  To do that, Know Your Audience, and their “WHY” (what they want from you).

I invited Larry to be my guest today so that he can share the secrets he learned as a business owner, leader and philanthropist, and to help you to advance your career or grow your business.

Larry founded TRIAXIOS in 1986 by merging two separate family businesses, one in construction, property management and real estate development, and another in entertainment. Along the way, he served two tours in the U.S. Navy, and completed a successful business career in health care management.  Larry also is active in fundraising for non-profit community service organizations.

Larry encourages Servant Leadership: first care for your employees and customers. He recommends that, to improve your public speaking skills, become a mentor.  You will help others as you build your communications skills. To further your business or career, become a philanthropist: help to raise money and find volunteers for important community causes.

If you really want to grow your business or advance your career, at the end of the podcast, Larry offers to help you with training and certification.


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Some of the important advice that Larry shared in this podcast includes:

How can you ADD VALUE?

  • Take your craft and share your craft
  • Be a Servant Leader: put your employees and customers first
  • Believe in yourself and the value you provide to your audiences


  • Know Your Audience: Know their “Why” (why they listen; “what’s in it for me?” (WIIFM))
  • Tell stories to connect with each person in the audience
  • Become a mentor: help someone else, whether someone in need or a business associate.

How can you MAKE MORE MONEY?

  • “Old Fashioned” Marketing is key: meet people in person; go to where they are; get referrals.
  • Be authentic; make eye contact; believe in yourself
  • Before you speak, set one goal to have audience accomplish
  • End with a Call To Action; Help the audience something learn something, (a) for self, (b) for team, (c) for family/friends

Larry wants you to achieve operational excellence. Contact him to learn more about the training and certifications that Triaxios offers.  Visit the Triaxios web site (www.triaxios.com), or email him at: larry.arceneaux@triaxios.com.

I want to help you to give better presentations. I want to help you make more money by giving better presentations.


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