4 Ways Podcasts Help You To Build Your Reputation, Achieve Success

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4 Ways Podcasts Help You To Build Your Reputation, Achieve Success

Build Your Reputation, Achieve Success On Podcasts

Podcasting is your future.

You should consider being a guest on podcasts about your area of expertise. If you cannot find one, consider starting your own podcast.

My guest on this podcast, Andrew Allemann, shares many benefits about podcasting. Most important is that, as a guest you gain exposure to a new audience. You also achieve credibility as an expert.

Even if you are an employee working for a small business or a large corporation, being a guest will help you to build your reputation. If you are a podcast host, you can gain access to many more people, even community or industry leaders.

Andrew can help. He is an expert in podcasting. He helps other experts to become recognized authorities in their fields and shows them how to spread important industry news and information online. Andrew created the website, PodcastGuests.com, to connect podcasters with guests for their shows. Over 20,000 people use his service to both find guests for podcasts and for experts to get booked on podcasts.

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Some of the important advice that Andres shares in this podcast includes:

How can you ADD VALUE?
• Know their audience; share important content that will help them
• As a guest, provide content that will help the audience
• Provide sample questions, an introduction (make it as easy as possible for host)
• Simple steps can improve your sound quality (USB mic, sound baffling; recording in a clothes closet)

• Use podcasts as opportunity to practice public speaking
• Prepare for podcasts the same as preparing for a live speech
• Have talking points prepared in advance
• Make it conversational
• Podcasts are recorded, not live, will be edited (less stress, less risk)

How can you MAKE MORE MONEY?
• Being a podcast guest is all about exposure – you are introduced to a new audience
• You become an expert; you increase your credentials and credibility
• As podcast host, you can gain access to more community or industry leaders
• Podcasts are always available; others can hear you online at any time

Your next step is to visit Andrew’s web site, PodcastGuests.com. Review some of the other guests’ pages. Then, create your own “1-Sheet”, a one-page introduction of yourself, providing your expertise, credentials, and contact information. Andrew recommends that it also include sample questions and information on how you can help the podcaster’s audience AND the podcaster.

To help you more, get Andrew’s FREE GUIDE to being a podcast guest, at http://podcastguests.com/guide

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