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IT’S THE MESSAGE, STUPID Do you remember that line from Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign for president, “It’s The Economy, Stupid!”? Clinton’s Campaign Manager, James Carville, kept repeating that theme to remind everyone working for Clinton to stay focused on the plight of working people. It became their mantra. That was an exceptional message for the Clinton campaign. It was bold, clear and direct. James Carville understood one of the basic
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What would be the first advice you would give to a new speaker? If it is the first advice, it would probably be the most important advice, wouldn’t it? Would it be something about picking a topic? Or having a message? Maybe it would be about gestures and body language. Or would you give suggestions to control nerves? Those are all good suggestions. But let’s consider the same question from
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Do others listen to you when you speak? Do you motivate them to agree with you? Or, do you feel like people are being polite but not really paying attention to what you say? Here are seven public speaking tips to help you to inspire and lead any audience. 1. Talk About Your Perspective. Remember this: your audience is there because they believe that you can help them. They want
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“I WILL NEVER GIVE A SPEECH AGAIN!” That may sound drastic. I promise you, it isn’t. Let me explain. In 2015, I lost the District 84 Toastmasters International Speech Contest in Orlando. I understand. This does not seem important to you. But it was important to me. I learned some important lessons from this loss. My speech involved a story of myself as a 7-year-old boy, learning about, recognizing my
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