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Amplify Your Growth With Attitude, Expertise and Drive Do you have the Attitude, Expertise and Drive for success? On this podcast of “MAKE MORE MONEY BY GIVING BETTER PRESENTATIONS”, Business Growth Coach Kenny Harper explains why right mindset are the keys to amplifying your business. Kenny is a Certified Marketing Advisor and Trainer for Business Growth. He has published several books on marketing and sales, including Amplify Your Business™, and “Business
If you truly want to be a success, you must improve your “emotional intelligence”. According to my guest on this podcast of “MAKE MORE MONEY BY GIVING BETTER PRESENTATIONS”, your emotional intelligence will account for 70% of your success. NOW do you want to know more? Listen to the podcast. Jan Lipsky is an executive coach with her firm, Jan Lipsky Coaching. Jan excels in developing exceptional leadership teams, identifying
Larry Arceneaux  is a successful business owner and philanthropist wants to share his secrets on how to Make More Money! His first secrets: ADD VALUE with Public Speaking.  To do that, Know Your Audience, and their “WHY” (what they want from you). I invited Larry to be my guest today so that he can share the secrets he learned as a business owner, leader and philanthropist, and to help you
Growing your business, or your career, is a matter of “quality over quantity”.  It’s a matter of trust. When a business owner tells you that s/he has “a LARGE contact (or email) list”, ask him/her, “tell me about one of them.” Does it matter if they have built up a large contact list or email list? My guest on this podcast of MAKE MORE MONEY BY GIVING BETTER PRESENTATIONS, Jerry
From Selling Donuts To Playing Football To Professional Speaker Jan Spence is a Professional Speaker who will soon become one of your favorite people. After you listen to my conversation with her, you will understand why she is one of mine. More importantly, you will be inspired. You will be motivated to advance your career, grow your business. When I first met Jan Spence about 10 years ago, she was
When You Are Ready for WILDER SUCCESS Do you want your dreams of WILDER success to be realized? Then listen to my interview with Coach and Leader Doug Wilder. Doug coaches extraordinary business owners and honest attorneys who want wild success with less stress. He also turns valuable geniuses who have become difficult to work with, into productive, profitable workers In this Podcast of “Make More Money By Giving Better
A Professional Speaker Shares His Lessons Learned Chris MacLellan is a Professional Speaker who wants to help you to Make More Money, In “Make More Money By Giving Better Presentations” Podcast #3, Chris talks about his early struggles, and the lessons he learned on the way to becoming a successful Professional Speaker in the caregiving arena. He shares his lessons about starting the Whole Care Network, and creating multiple streams
Mark Gai is an executive coach who wants you to experience failure! Actually, he wants you to take risks, challenge yourself, learn and grow. His advice works whether you are improving your communications skills, making more sales or growing your business. Mark is founder of Mark Gai, Inc. He helps executives, business owners and sales professionals on the front line of influence to tell better stories so that they can
Turn Life’s Lemons Into A PROFESSIONAL SPEAKING CAREER In this podcast episode of Make More Money by Giving Better Presentations, my guest, Leesa Askew, talks to us about her trauma after being laid off from a major bank, and, using her experience to transform herself into a professional speaker to help more people like us. Why does Leesa say, “stop making lemonade”? You will have to listen, but I promise
The 1 Critical Mistake That All Job Seekers Make If I could hire you for any job today, what job would it be and why should I hire you? Before I hire you, I will need to interview you. How well can you answer my questions? Can you convince me that I need you? Why will you NOT get the job? What is the one critical mistake that you will
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IT’S THE MESSAGE, STUPID Do you remember that line from Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign for president, “It’s The Economy, Stupid!”? Clinton’s Campaign Manager, James Carville, kept repeating that theme to remind everyone working for Clinton to stay focused on the plight of working people. It became their mantra. That was an exceptional message for the Clinton campaign. It was bold, clear and direct. James Carville understood one of the basic
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What would be the first advice you would give to a new speaker? If it is the first advice, it would probably be the most important advice, wouldn’t it? Would it be something about picking a topic? Or having a message? Maybe it would be about gestures and body language. Or would you give suggestions to control nerves? Those are all good suggestions. But let’s consider the same question from
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