Automate Your Marketing System; Focus On Your Customer; Reduce Stress

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Automate Your Marketing System; Focus On Your Customer; Reduce Stress

Automate Your Marketing; Focus On Your Customer; Reduce Stress

You can make your business life less stressful.

You can when you listen to my guest on Make More Money By Giving Better Presentations, Elizabeth Pampalone. She has helped her clients to feel better and sleep at night.  She says that, in just one to five days she can automate your marketing for a whole year.

Can you make a similar promise to your customers? In the podcast, Elizabeth shares many of her secrets, and tools that you can apply to your business. As you listen to our conversation, think about how you can apply the same principles to grow your business.

Elizabeth created her firm, Beyond The Cause, Inc., to connect with non-profit and small business clients to improve their time management and increase productivity, all without breaking the bank. (To Learn more, visit

How can she make such a promise? Elizabeth created her own system, which she calls Absolute Marketing. She used it to grow her own business. Now she uses it to help small businesses and non-profit organizations to grow.  (HINT: she can adapt the system to your needs by asking the questions that your customers would ask.)

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Some of the important advice Elizabeth shares in this podcast includes:

How can you ADD VALUE?

  • Determine your “foundational system” that can be adapted for each client
  • When preparing marketing, ask questions that your clients would ask
  • Don’t pause your marketing. You never know who you are affecting until you are not there
  • Having a process will relieve your client’s stress, provide peace of mind
  • A Free e-book, report or checklist, with valuable content, encourages customers to want to learn more


  • You must take the initiative to keep communications with customers ongoing
  • Always use stories; Real people doing real things make more sense
  • Write your materials to make your message more clear, concise
  • Use your written materials to learn to eloquently, concisely ad-lib your oral presentations

How can you MAKE MORE MONEY?

  • Nobody buys from Facebook. They buy from you, on your website
  • To introduce new activities, you must already be talking with your network
  • Constant, consistent communications get results
  • Cash Flow is crucial to small business success
  • Have a diversified marketing plan; a little of each thing; do them well
  • HINT: find or create a unique emoji; use every time you post answers on Facebook

Do you think you could benefit from Elizabeth’s help? Visit her web site (  to Book a FREE discovery call and see if it’s right for you

I want to help you to give better presentations. I want to help you make more money by giving better presentations.


Fred Haley