One Executive Coach Wants You to Experience Failure!

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One Executive Coach Wants You to Experience Failure!

Mark Gai is an executive coach who wants you to experience failure!

Actually, he wants you to take risks, challenge yourself, learn and grow. His advice works whether you are improving your communications skills, making more sales or growing your business.

Mark is founder of Mark Gai, Inc. He helps executives, business owners and sales professionals on the front line of influence to tell better stories so that they can close more sales and grow their businesses.

In “Make More Money By Giving Better Presentations” Podcast #5, Mark shares how he has grown his business by challenging his limits, and learning to tell stories effectively, so that he can connect with his audiences and close more sales.

Mark also encourages new you, and others starting to grow their businesses, to take risks, and use any failures to grow your business and career.

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Here are some of the important messages that Mark shared with us:

How does Mark ADD VALUE?

  • He attends improv classes so that he can improve his skills
  • He follows up every week with his clients (and past clients).
  • He shares with his clients information he has learned from conferences and meetings.


  • He teaches storytelling to his clients, using the winning formula he developed
  • He says that 1-to-1 coaching is more “energy intensive”
  • His group and individual training classes are interactive, with exercises
  • He gives his presentations as “conversations”; he wants to ADD VALUE;
  • He focuses on helping his audience, and making them part of his “community”

How does Mark MAKE MORE MONEY?

  • He conducts free 1 to 2 hour seminars, with detailed handouts
  • He uses Facebook ads to promote his seminars
  • He belongs to several business organizations, and participates in their events
  • He has created several Packages (instead of hourly training), with low, medium and high value

In addition to being an executive communications coach, Mark is also a keynote speaker, workshop presenter, seminar leader and TedX presenter. MARK CAN HELP YOU. Learn more about Mark on his website, (

I want to help you to give better presentations. I want to help you make more money by giving better presentations.

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    Jerry Gitchel
    November 15, 2019

    I like the idea of taking Improv classes. I think it is a great idea. Thanks Mark!


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