A Professional Speaker Shares His Lessons Learned

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A Professional Speaker Shares His Lessons Learned

Chris MacLellan is a Professional Speaker who wants to help you to Make More Money,

In “Make More Money By Giving Better Presentations” Podcast #3, Chris talks about his early struggles, and the lessons he learned on the way to becoming a successful Professional Speaker in the caregiving arena. He shares his lessons about starting the Whole Care Network, and creating multiple streams of income.


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Here are some of the important messages that Chris shared with us:

How does Chris ADD VALUE?
• He shared his powerful personal story
• He Shared his mistakes and frustrations with his audiences (so others can avoid)
• He offered support, encouragement, hope to his audiences.

• He used his personal story to connect with the audience; they became part of his story
• He created a clear, simple message (Caregivers Bring Love, Care, and Commitment.)
• He learned from mentors, others
• He practiced until he found his own personal style (his story about F.U.” is comical).

How does Chris MAKE MORE MONEY?
• He sells his book; initially that was his main source
• He started with free presentations
• He found his own value
• Now he is diversifying his revenue streams, including his Whole Care Network podcast network, his travel agency, and becoming a (trusted) spokesperson for caregiving products and services

Chris’s career started with his caregiving story, chronicled in his book, “What’s The Deal With Caregiving?” In the book, Chris discusses his own experiences as a caregiver for his dying partner. What Chris learned is now provided in this book to help the millions of caregivers of all ages, races, sexual orientations and family situations. The book is available on Amazon.

As you read the book, you can consider how you can use your own story to MAKE MORE MONEY BY using your story to GIVE BETTER PRESENTATIONS.

I want to help you to give better presentations. I want to help you make more money by giving better presentations.


Fred Haley

Fred Haley is a certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker for the John Maxwell Program, and owner of ToastMentor, a communications training firm. He conducts public workshops and mentors business professionals to improve their presentations. Fred has published several books on public speaking. Follow Fred on Twitter @ToastMentor. Learn more on his website, ToastMentor.com.


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