A Consultant Says, “Build Relationships, Then Build Your Career / Business”

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A Consultant Says, “Build Relationships, Then Build Your Career / Business”

Growing your business, or your career, is a matter of “quality over quantity”.  It’s a matter of trust.

When a business owner tells you that s/he has “a LARGE contact (or email) list”, ask him/her, “tell me about one of them.”

Does it matter if they have built up a large contact list or email list?

My guest on this podcast of MAKE MORE MONEY BY GIVING BETTER PRESENTATIONS, Jerry Gitchel, proves that it is more important to have a smaller list, but to build a relationship with them.

Jerry is CEO of Leverage Unlimited. For three decades, Jerry has helped business professionals make technology work and businesses grow. He has helped Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and solo entrepreneurs.

Working as a consultant, he has seen how many organizations spend money on technology, but not “Live Ware” – the staff and the clients/customers who most impact their success.

Currently, Jerry helps his clients to make more effective use of CRM (Contact Relationship Management) platforms to truly build relationships. He helps them to develop strategies to complement the CRM systems. I that way they grow their careers or businesses.

If you really want to grow your business or advance your career, Jerry CHALLENGES you to RECONNECT with old clients, or old friends or distant relatives.  Learn more at CRMSuccess.com/reconnect.

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Here are some of the important business messages that Jerry shared with us:

How does Jerry ADD VALUE?

  • He invests the time to get to know his contacts (even before they become clients)
  • He values the quality of the relationships more than the quantity of his client list
  • He promotes digital technology as a tool to build relationships (Digital Leverage)


  • He keeps his audiences involved; he knows they have something to say
  • He identified his specific niches so that he can have a more focused message
  • He keeps his audiences involved and active during his presentations

How does Jerry MAKE MORE MONEY?

  • He builds relationships over time that eventually may become clients
  • He uses a CRM (Contact Relationship Management) platform to keep
  • He uses his speaking engagements to present himself as an expert
  • Attendees at his free “Showcase” events are mostly persons he has met and included in his CRM

I want to help you to give better presentations. I want to help you make more money by giving better presentations.

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