14 Steps To Be A Persuasive Advocate, Promote Your Cause

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14 Steps To Be A Persuasive Advocate, Promote Your Cause

14 Steps To Be A Persuasive Advocate, Promote Your Cause

Be recognized as someone who makes this world a better place.

If you are passionate about a cause (and I hope you are), you can use your communications skills to educate us, and inspire us to help you to take action.

Money does not have to be the primary goal.

On this podcast of MAKE MORE MONEY BY GIVING BETTER PRESENTATIONS, my guest, Bonnie Friedman, shares her insight and tips on how she has helped others to advocate for the best hospital care for your loved ones.  Bonnie became a passionate crusader on this cause helping others to get the best hospital care for their loved ones. She is the after many years of advocating for her husband Bob through the course of 14 separate hospitalizations … some very serious and life-threatening.  You can learn how to be prepared through her HOSPITAL WARRIOR book, blog and podcast.

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In the podcast, Bonnie shares 14 steps to become a persuasive advocate and how to ADD VALUE to your audience:

How can you ADD VALUE?

  1. You must be passionate about your topic
  2. Must be authentic and comfortable on stage
  3. Know what your audience is looking for from you
  4. Ultimately you are telling a story


  1. First step is to create your speech on paper
  2. Keep practicing until you INTERNALIZE your speech; make it come from the heart
  3. Know what your end point is (what do you want your audience to do)
  4. Have a basic set of talking points; adjust to fit each audience’s needs
  5. Use Q&A format to get to the heart and soul of what your audience needs

How can you MAKE MORE MONEY?

  1. Find your unique message, write a book, blog, podcast, speak
  2. As a local advocate, make the issue pertinent to the local audience
  3. Use social media to get the message out
  4. Do research, follow-up to determine if the message is resonating
  5. Media prefers authors with books available through publishers (not self-published)

Bonnie has a special offer to help you. When you contact her on her web site (http://HospitalWarrior.com), or email her (Bonnie@HospitalWarrior.com) to request her special report.  The first chapters of her book, Hospital Warrior, include a Road Map to navigate the complicated pathways you will encounter during any hospital stay.

I want to help you to give better presentations. I want to help you make more money by giving better presentations.


Fred Haley

Fred Haley is a certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker for the John Maxwell Program, and owner of ToastMentor, a communications training firm. He conducts public workshops and mentors business professionals to improve their presentations. Fred has published several books on public speaking. Follow Fred on Twitter @ToastMentor. Learn more on his website, ToastMentor.com.


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